Sofa Communications

Comfortable Communications

Sofa Communications provides its services using a delivery style we refer to as "Comfortable Communications". We take customer service very seriously. Calls and emails are returned promptly, and we strive to keep you informed and aware of all aspects of progress in your project.

Comfortable Communications also means we are easy to deal with. When you use Sofa for your web, design, print, marketing and corporate communicating you get the following:

  • When we create something for you (such as a logo or website) it is yours; we never hold back ownership of images or computer code
  • You experience the convenience of one stop shopping when it comes to communications; we can handle your needs for online presence, printed pieces, promotional materials, trade show displays, branding, media relations, and communications training.

Contact us for innovative solutions that will help you "Find Change In The Sofa". Experience Comfortable Communications in action.